FITBIT – an original comedy

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This event is running from 26 May 2022 until 28 May 2022. It is next occurring on 26/05/2022 7:30 pm

Sparkle Spa has re-opened for the fourth visit from Magna ,well they are trying to but ,as usual ,the long suffering owner Helen is having trouble !
Not least from her staff ,Arthur the complaining chef ,Magda the cleaner who moonlights as an exotic dancer at the Purple Pussy . Chell ,her receptionist ,who has an interesting and varied marital life with her 6 children and her husband, Justin . He is now a Health and Wellbeing expert but his techniques leave much to be desired by the Spa regulars . Phil ,who loves anything free and Cynthia who isn’t so much there for exercise than to nose out others secrets . Add the two mysterious sisters,Sky and Blue, who are supposedly there to disinfect the gym ,and Olly the influencer come Rapper and Wellbeing guru and you have the recipe for an evening of belly laughs as the plot roves from the sublime to the ridiculous
For a little May Magna Magic and Mayhem ,join us for an evening of love ,laughter and life fulfilling silliness

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