Noda – Matching – May 2015

Well, I don’t know why I should have been surprised as this was a typical Betty Morris play with what should have been a straight forward storyline about internet dating but which actually had more twists and turns than spaghetti junction. The cast characters consisted of the hapless singles (of a certain age) looking for love; the Italian café owner, his ex-wife and her bodyguard, a dopey yet very stroppy waitress; a wide boy; undercover Police Officers; and three young ladies from the upper echelons of society who bizarrely, were (well two of them anyway) dressed as Disney Princesses… the result being, another hysterically funny play.

It really is unfair to pick out any of the cast individually as they were all very good, but Nikki Ellis had me in stitches with her OCD habits and wet wipes! Laura Gwynne, Hilary Jones and Catherine Donativo were brilliant as the ‘Princesses’ and Sammi Jones was great as the Police Sergeant. You can always rely on Magna to do regional accents and they do them extremely well which gives a greater depth to their performances. There was not a miss-cast character in sight and everyone performed to a very high standard.

I had a lovely evening and enjoyed the play immensely, thank you Magna.