Noda – Fitter – May 2014

‘Fitter’ was the follow up to ‘Fit’ penned by the remarkable Betty Morris. It is set in a Health Spa with bumbling and incompetent staff and there are shenanigans aplenty; it was another hysterical romp which had the audience literally holding their sides with laughter.

The younger members of the cast, who I have enjoyed watching develop over the past few years, go from strength to strength. New members Jamie Meadows, Megan Honeysett, Stephanie Ellis and Sam Jones were welcome additions to the small company of players.

The comic timing of Hilary Jones and Karen Williams as twin sisters working as cleaners in the spa and Maureen Baker as the cook, who can’t cook, was brilliantly funny. Solid performances once again from Catherine Donativo, Tom Lewis, Sarah Jenkins, and Dave Jones who all played the straight characters with such confidence and they are always a pleasure to watch. Daniel Beer and Neville Powell with the smaller supporting roles were also very good. The hilarious Valerie Lewis played a Yoga Teaching Psychic who was completely wacky; a role that Val plays so well. But the award for the funniest character must go to Laura Gwynne who played heavily pregnant receptionist ‘Chell. Laura’s stage presence is commanding and her ‘one liners’ are delivered with an effortless precision. The baby delivery scene was so funny I hurt from laughing, and what made it funnier was that Laura did it all with a completely deadpan expression.

It is always a pleasure to watch Magna, and ‘Fitter’ was another tremendous play, thank you for inviting me to watch it.